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Annette J Beveridge - Author, Publisher, Journalist

These are difficult times. As an investigative writer and researcher, I turned my focus towards current affairs in 2016 and have studied the political powers closely ever since. My personal focus had always been on environmental issues but politics began to interest me as I read between the lines of political truths and misdirection. My aim therefore, is to bring these issues to the light so that we are not duped or cajoled into thinking in one way when we should be considering all options. The content will be varied – from politics, to humanitarian issues and environmental problems that cannot be published elsewhere.

If we look at Brexit – it has been a disaster from start to finish, and it does not matter which political stance you took personally, the foundations were built on lies. We were manipulated into believing that those who fought for our independence were doing so because it was the right thing to do. Yet, we can see from the many Dominic Cummings revelations that the truth was not so innocent or sincere. There were lies, colourful mistruths painted to represent a future that was unlikely and now, we must try to rebuild the Britain that could be great but which has a long way to go.

More recently, we have endured the fear and mayhem associated with the Covid-19 virus which has affected every aspect of normal life. While we transition to a new phase of ‘normality’, it seems to me that we are still facing the fear of the unknown enduring situations that two years ago, we would not have imagined possible. We appear to plunge from crisis to crisis – why? During the last 18-months or so, political weakness has been revealed along with a self-serving attitude that appears rotten to the core. Billions of pounds were spent unnecessarily and without due analysis. The government panicked but more than this, some secured their financial nest eggs through setting up companies to provided ‘equipment needed – substandard or not.’

Now more than ever, we must question the decisions made on our behalf but also, look deeper into the core of the institutes that govern us shining the spotlight on the politics that impact each and every one of us.

Sadly, we know that corruption, cronyism and capitalism exists and is interlinked within the powers at Westminster. So do we trust the decisions in respect of Brexit and for life after the pandemic? What about poverty? What about social benefits and of course, those 3.5 million people who were excluded?

We are facing a strangely chilling time where errors of judgment compound. Right now, it is the horrific scenes in Afghanistan that brings a sickening realisation that peoples lives do not matter. Actions taken show a lack of organisation and planning, but it also reveals a lack of commitment and judgement. How dedicated are government ministers? We must question this because the Prime Minister, Foreign Secretary and the Minister for Afghanistan were on holiday as Kabul fell. How could this happen?

If we turn the clock back once more, we know that billions of pounds have been ploughed into HS2 – the high speed train which has led to a serious environmental crisis. Ancient woodlands and areas of scientific interest have been decimated. People are yet to be paid for the properties that were taken by the company – whether they wanted to leave their homes or not. We also know that the core details of the HS2 project were kept back from parliamentary scrutiny before it was given the go-ahead. More slight of hand from the powers that be.

Then, we consider the ever-growing climate emergency that is threatening this planet. Scientists have been warning about the serious risks for decades yet, governments worldwide ignore the warnings. Why? Because so much money is tied up in fossil fuels.

Even those who formerly had an innate belief in the government are now starting to question their motives. Consider the reduction to planning regulations and how housing developers are given the green light to build huge developments on farms and protected areas. How can this be right when in a climate emergency, we must protect the environment and nature? There are so many injustices that need to be considered. Are we simply going to accept the mistakes of Westminster or fossil fuel companies, or conglomerates with too much power? Or are we going to stand up and be counted declaring our awareness and interest in a better way of life?

Right now, there is a need for strong journalism. Hard-hitting articles written with integrity which will punch right to the heart of the matter. This site is created so that no stone will be unturned in the fight to reach the truth.

Annette J Beveridge.

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