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Annette J Beveridge

My name is Annette J Beveridge and I am an author and publisher with many published accreditations in my own name and write for clients globally. My focus is to write about the key issues facing us today. Many of the articles will have an environmental or political slant – these two areas are understandably interlinked and a particular passion of mine. I will shine a spotlight on any issue that needs it. From the British Government to articles about the urgent climate crisis – you will find content here that examines the risks and the often, backward actions associated with costly mistakes.

My aim is to raise awareness about issues that threaten our wellbeing – not just on the British stage but globally where necessary. I do not intend to pull my punches.

I strongly believe that many of the newspapers and journalists are biased in their intent. I will not deny my own political slant but I am fair.

If I find that one party or other demonstrates integrity, then, you can be sure I will treat them accordingly. It is so important that I bring awareness to issues as they arise. This enables us to campaign and strive for a better future.

If you are looking for direct, compelling, honest content, then, look no further.

If you have any environmental injustices or issues, please feel free to drop me a line using the contact form. I am happy to promote details of your campaign through my Twitter feed or, to provide a professional press release and distribution for your campaign. Please note, there is typically a charge for press releases and distribution.

If you would like to find out a little more about me, you can have a look at my freelancing website http://annettejbeveridge.com or on my environmental website http://ecohive.club

If you are interested in publishing a book, take a look at my publishing website. I can help you to sidestep the obstacles that litter the route to publishing success.

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