Write the Wrongs

These are difficult times. With this ever-increasing pandemic that is rippling throughout the human race, we are struggling to live a normal life. Each day, we face the fear of the unknown and have to endure situations which only a year ago, would have seemed impossible. Now more than ever, we must question the decisions made on our behalf but also, to look deeper into the core of the institutes that govern us shining the spotlight on the politics that impact us all.

Sadly, we know that corruption, cronyism and capitalism exists and is interlinked within the powers at Westminster. So do we trust the decisions in respect of Brexit and for life after the pandemic? What about poverty? Social benefits and the excluded 3.5 million people?

We are facing a strangely chilling time where belief in the Government to lead is being eroded daily. This year, only months after the General Election was won by the Conservatives, they made the decision to invest billions of pounds into the controversial HS2 project knowing that it would create a trail of devastation in respect of vital ancient woodlands and areas of scientific interest. There has been little emphasis on climate change or environmental protections, instead, planning regulations have been lowered which is a green light for go for housing developers.

It may be down to the people to mitigate the risks and to protect and rebuild Britain as time goes by.

Right now, there is a need for strong journalism. Hard-hitting articles written with integrity which will punch right to the heart of the matter. This site is created so that no stone will be unturned in the fight to reach the truth.

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